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What People Are Saying About The James Jordan Buck

Bill Winke photoFor most of my early years as a deer hunter, the Jordan Buck served as the benchmark against which all others were compared. It inspired awe and provided fuel for the dream that one day something like that might walk past my stand! This deer remains a huge part of the tradition of hunting in North America and is still one of the most recognizable and inspiring bucks ever shot. I am excited that you [Danbury and Burnett County] are continuing to honor this great iconic deer.

Bill Winke - Sportsman Channel

Mr. WhitetailAmerica's deer, the whitetail, is one of our most popular game animals, certainly mine! I've been fortunate to hunt whitetails deer across our great North American continent. Without a doubt the Jordan buck is one of the finest and best whitetails ever taken. My Texas western hat it off to Mr. Jordan and his fabulous buck! What a great hunting heritage he established now a hundred years ago! Long may it and our hunting heritage reign!

Larry Weishuhn, "Mr. Whitetail"

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The popularity of hunting in North America – thereby the institutions of sustainable use conservation that hunting supports, which benefits people and all wildlife – rests on the shoulders of the whitetail deer. The James Jordan buck represents different things to different people. The Boone and Crockett Club is proud to be able to do its part in preserving and celebrating the history, legacy and significance of this particular whitetail deer and the man who brought it to the attention of sportsmen around the world.

Boone and Crockett Club

The Jim Jordan Buck Story

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