Uncontrollable Teenagers

Uncontrollable and Runaway Teens

Sometimes, parents are having problems with children being uncontrollable or running away from home. The Juvenile Justice Unit is a referral source for parents experiencing these difficulties.

Parents must exhaust other resources before the unit will become involved.

The Department is not a placing agency for uncontrollable teens and emphasis is placed on parental responsibility for their children.

Additionally, parents need to make every attempt to recover their children that run away.

  • Project Safe for Runaway Youth - Phone: 1-800-235-1913

Recommended Procedures for Uncontrollable Teens

We recommend that parents try:

  • Make a list of rules (curfew, school friends, TV, telephone)
  • Make a list of consequences (grounding, removal of privileges, etc.)
  • Have the child make a list of their friends (telephone, parents name and address)
  • Remove privileges (allowance, car, telephone, TV, visits)
  • Establish a point or reward system to earn privileges
  • Make an appointment with your child to discuss rules, feelings, problems, etc. on a regular basis
  • Seek respite / timeout with relatives or appropriate friends

We recommend that adolescents try:

  • Make an appointment with your parents to tell them how you feel
  • Write a letter / note to your parents
  • Take a friend with you to talk to your parents
  • Talk to a counselor, relative, or trusted friend
  • Do what your parents ask and see what happens
  • Ask for a timeout / respite at a relatives or friend's house