South Trail


The south trail segment extends 47 miles from St. Croix Falls in Polk County to Danbury in Burnett County. This portion of the Gandy Dancer Trail was surfaced with crushed limestone in 1995 and offers a smooth, hard-surfaced trail for hiking and wide or narrow tire biking. In Burnett County, the trail passes through the communities of Siren, Webster, and Danbury.

Trail Facilities

Trail parking, restaurants, lodging, retail stores, and service businesses are available in each community. Please refer to the Gandy map (PDF) for trail parking locations in the County. This segment is open to hiking and biking from April through November.

Scenic Attractions

Scenic attractions along the trail include four bridge-trestles, many scenic vistas of lakes, rivers, and forests, as well as numerous opportunities to view wildlife or to explore side-trips and historic spots.

Snow Trails

Depending on the snow base and where you are riding, winter use recreational vehicles are allowed on the south segment of the trail from December 1st through March 31st, once trails are officially open. If there is no snow, and once the Frozen Ground Trail System is open, the trail is open for all-terrain vehicle (ATV)/utility vehcile (UTV) use.

The south segment offers an important corridor to reach other winter-use trails in Burnett County. Grooming is done by the local snowmobile clubs. Winter recreational vehicles must display a valid registration tag, but do not need a Gandy Dancer Pass.

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