Park Rules and Regulations

Park Rules and Regulations

Burnett County Parks and Boat & Canoe Accesses

All parks listed under Forest and Parks are day use only with no user fees

Accesses are managed to provide a variety of recreational opportunities. To accommodate the wide spectrum of recreational activities requires that some restrictions on use are needed when safety concerns, damage to natural resources, or conflicts between two users occur. Burnett County regulates these areas on county owned lands under the Burnett County Land Recreation Ordinance. The following regulations from that ordinance are:

No person or persons shall, within a Class 1 Recreation Area:

a. Use or be within a recreation area for any purpose, except boat launching and fishing, between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. of each day.

b. Use such area as a campsite for overnight camping.

c. Litter, or deposit trash or rubbish in any manner other than depositing it in containers that MAY be provided by the County.

d. Dispose of trash or rubbish, which was not generated by the use of the recreation area being visited.

e. Discharge, or keep an uncased or loaded firearm or bow within the boundaries of such area except while transporting an unloaded firearm or unstrung bow between a vehicle and a hunting site.

f. Ignite an open fire within such area unless such fire is within a fire ring or fireplace provided by the County or is in a grill.

g. Leave an open fire, (meaning wood, charcoal, or solid fuel), unless it has no smoke and entire coal or ash bed is cool enough to touch with a hand.

h. Cause damage to the natural features, resources, trails, or facilities owned and/or operated by the County or damage, deface, obstruct, move, remove, or possess any signs or intentionally interfere with the effective operation of such signs.

i. Refuse to leave such area when directed to leave by Forest Administrator, Sheriff, or their designees.

j. Discharge, possess, or use any form of fireworks.

k. Take or keep within such area a pet unless same is kept at all times on a leash, which prevents the pet from running at large. No pets are allowed on the beach areas.

l. Operate any motor vehicle other than licensed street legal vehicles within recreation area boundary without written permission from the Forest Administrator.

m. Use or possess any glass bottles or containers in a recreation area posted "NO GLASS CONTAINERS".

n. Dig, disturb, or remove any artifact or historical article without written permission of the Forest Administrator or his designee.

o. Create noise with electronic, mechanical, or manually operated devices, which can be heard from a distance of more than 50 feet.

p. All all-terrain vehicles (ATV), utility vehicles (UTV), off-road vehicles (ORV), motorcycles and other off-trail motorized vehicles are prohibited in all county owned or maintained parks and boat landings. (Use of an ATV for fishing purposes is allowed when going from your vehicle directly to the lake.) 

q. Deny use of any recreation area to anyone. Class 1 recreation areas may not be reserved for any activity or occasion.