Firewood Permit Online Purchase

Firewood permits are not available for purchase from April 1 through July 14 of every year.

To purchase your firewood permit online, follow all three steps carefully:

Step 1: Open the Firewood Permit (fillable form is available from July 15 through March 31 every year)

  • Read it in its entirety and fill out all the required information.
  • Print it and sign where indicated. (If you are unable to print this off, save it to your phone (or take a screenshot).

Step 2: - Pay for your permit

  • Under the "My Bills" section, select "Firewood Permits" from the dropdown box under "Payment Type".
  • Select the number of cords you will be collecting.
  • Enter your last name in the Account box.
  • Enter in amount due (amount should match with the total in the cord selections box). Don't include any credit card fee as this will automatically be calculated once you process payment.
  • The next section is the "Cardholder Information". All of these fields are required. Your receipt will be emailed, so double check that the email address is entered correctly. After entering all your information, click "Continue" to review and finalize your payment. (The credit card processing provider (Point and Pay) charges an additional $1.50 convenience fee for every $50.00 charged.)  

Step 3: To validate your permit, you must attach a copy of the receipt to the Firewood Permit.

  • An email with the subject line "Your Receipt" will be sent to you. You must print this receipt. (If you are unable to print this off, save it to your phone (or take a screenshot).

Carry the permit, with the receipt attached, while cutting and transporting firewood.

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