Camping Permit For Undesignated Areas - Online Purchase

To purchase your camping permit online - follow all four steps carefully:

Step 1: Look at maps of Burnett County Forest Lands to find the section number in the township where you plan to camp. You will need to list both the township and section number on your permit and also when paying for your permit. (On the map, section boundary lines and numbers are light gray in color, and Burnett County Forest Lands are green in color. No camping is allowed where green areas are crossed off in red.)

Step 2: Open the Camping Permit (PDF). (fillable form compatible with Google Chrome and Microsoft Explorer)

  • Read it in its entirety and fill out all the required information.
  • Print it and sign where indicated.

Step 3: Pay for your permit.

  • Under the "My Bills" section, select "Camping Permits" from the dropdown box under "Payment Type".
  • Enter the dates for the period of time you will be camping. One permit can be for a maximum of 10 consecutive days. (Shelter must be occupied daily and may not be vacated overnight or stored onsite. More than one permit would be required if not staying consecutive nights.)
  • List the specific township name and section number where you will be camping. (for example: W. Marshland (NE), Sec. 36; or Blaine (E), Section 18)
  • List a phone number of someone other than a person camping with you in the event of an emergency.
  • Enter the name of the person who is the Primary Camper.
  • The next section is the "Cardholder Information". All of these fields are required. Your receipt will be emailed, so double check that the email address is entered correctly. After entering all your information, click "Continue" to review and finalize your payment. (The credit card processing provider (Point & Pay) charges an additional $1.50 convenience fee for every $50.00 charged.)

Step 4: To validate your permit, you must attach a copy of the receipt to the camping permit.

  • An email with the subject line "Your Receipt" will be sent to you. You must print this receipt. Display your permit with receipt attached on the outside, or in the window, of your camping shelter(s) so that it is easily visible.