Shoreline Incentive Program (SIP)

Restore Your Shoreline (PDF) - This brochure describes programs and information to assist you in restoring your shoreline.

Preserve Your Shore Shoreline Incentives Program Application (PDF) - This application signs up for the program described below.

A natural shoreline is a healthy, vibrant place for people, birds, and fish alike. The Burnett County Shoreline Incentive Program encourages preservation and restoration of natural shorelines. Natural shorelines provide many benefits:

  • Keep the water clean by filtering runoff and holding the soil in place
  • Provide a home for a diversity of creatures
  • Create natural, northwoods beauty
  • Allows you to access and enjoy the water

Burnett County provides incentives to encourage restoring or preserving your waterfront as a natural shoreline. Over 750 parcels have been enrolled in the Burnett County Shoreline Incentive Program since it began in 2000. Owners of these parcels receive an annual payment in return for ensuring permanent protection of the shoreline. Incentive provided for each parcel enrolled in the Shoreline Incentive Program

  • An annual payment of $50
  • An initial enrollment payment of $250
  • A free site visit by a natural landscape expert
  • Planting plans to restore a natural shoreline
  • Payments that cover 70% of the initial cost of plants and materials
  • An exclusive shirt or cap that identifies you as a Shoreline Incentive Program participant
  • An optional sign to display at the water's edge

Are you interested in joining the over 775 other property owners who are creating a legacy of natural shorelines in beautiful Burnett County?

Contact the Land Services Department for more details.